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2am-3am Wakeup – This is the time when your body gets the most spiritual downloads. Angel number 1111 is a sign from the Universe and the Divine that your twin flame journey is headed toward a twin flame union.
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  • There is no neediness or obsession, there is only a feeling of love and harmony.
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    This 5D union is different from the physical union we traditionally think of when we hear, “Twin Flame union”.

  • Feb 19, 2021 · Living the Twin Flame Union.
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    The twin flame union expresses the most intense spiritual connection that can be experienced during this lifetime.

  • Before being born into Earth, twin flame souls undergo a process that includes signing a contract, also known as the twin flame blueprint.
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    This ray is directly related to the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is yellow in color.

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  • In fact, the more I hear results of manifestation ending twin flame separation the more I find myself wanting to talk about it.
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    It is also possible that you and your twin flame will over time have the same eye color! The eyes tend to be the first thing to change when entering a twin flame union, and are obviously one of the most noticeable changes.

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    7117 or 717 is an Angelic Code for Lovers.

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    The path toward union is never just to sit and wait for it to happen.