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  • NICs are Intel X520-DA2, with 10GBASE-LR going to a Unifi US-XG-16.
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    The setup is 3 clustered Proxmox for computations, 3 clustered Ceph storage nodes, ceph01 8*150GB ssds (1 used for OS, 7 for storage) ceph02 8*150GB ssds (1 used for OS, 7 for storage) ceph03 8*250GB ssds (1 used for OS, 7 for storage) When I create a VM on proxmox node using ceph storage, I get below speed (network bandwidth is NOT the.

  • It features power-loss protection systems, high performance and high endurance characteristics.
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    2 device on Hardware page: 2.

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  • The baseline and optimization solutions are shown in Figure 1 below.
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    Proxmox Ceph cluster between datacenters.

  • In this video, we talk about how to set up a Ceph cache pool and tier your cache in order to improve read and writes.
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    QEMU userspace NVMe driver vCPU KVM IOThread vfio-pci.

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    I have a bunch of personal servers in Los Angeles and want to expand to a second rack in Dallas.